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The Spoiler Room: THE DARK KNIGHT



It's time for a place to talk about every aspect of a movie without worrying about giving anything away. Welcome to The Spoiler Room. ---

While movie-related conversation this weekend was dominated, understandably, by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, plenty of people did see The Dark Knight Rises -- and opinions diverged widely on a variety of subjects. This will be one place where readers can feel comfortable talking about any aspect of the movie -- plot turns, character revelations, the ending -- knowing that everybody else participating in the conversation is okay with it. Proceed no further if you wish to remain blissfully unaware of SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!

So, here are a couple of conversation starters for The Dark Knight Rises, though all civil conversations are on the table:

Did the ending of The Dark Knight Rises feel like it was a natural thematic wrap-up to the ideas Christopher Nolan had introduced in his previous two Batman films?

With pundits batting around seemingly opposite interpretations of the film's economic and social politics, where do you think it seems Nolan comes down on wealth and power?

Would you have rather seen Nolan really kill off Bruce Wayne? Do you think the development of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character made sense in setting up the Batman's heir?

If you're already a Batman fan, did the Talia revelation work, or did it feel like a forced way to include the character?

Welcome aboard, and fire away.