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Alternate Realities Roundup 7/24



The Boston Phoenix provides a look at Mitt Romney’s “shadow years” spent between the 2002 Olympics and Bain Capital. “In some cases, while he was running the Olympics, Romney made personal investment decisions in tandem with those made by Bain — making it hard to believe he was really out of the Bain loop.”---

Top of the Alty World

“Romney’s Shadow Years”—Boston Phoenix

In the wake of the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting, Mother Jones provides a map of 50 mass murders sites across America for the past 30 years.—Mother Jones

A new study finds voter ID laws in 10 states will have a harsh impact on the voting ability of elderly, poor and minority citizens.—New American Media

Top of Alty Utah

Democratic candidate for Governor Peter Cooke unveils plans to boost community service and help college grads pay off their student-loan debt.—KUER

The Central Utah Art Center is being evicted from space by the city of Ephraim in a move the director says amounts to censorship.—Salt Lake City Weekly.

KRCL explores the connection between the themes of crime, justice and law and order in the Batman movies to the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo.—RadioActive

Q Salt Lake interviews the operator of a local Chick-Fil-A to discuss the impact of the boycott being called by national LGBT advocates against the restaurant chain.—Q Salt Lake


Westword editor Patricia Calhoun comments on how Aurora, Colo., has struggled to establish itself as a household name and now it has, for all the wrong reasons. “In many ways, the Aurora Town Center really is the center of the sprawling city. And now it's at the center of the country's attention, as everyone looks for an explanation of what propelled the shooter identified as James Holmes to commit this horrifying crime.”—Westword

The Long View:

The long-form masters at the Texas Observer provide a portrait of a defense attorney fighting corruption in the justice system of Red River County, Texas.

“Instead of hanging blacks from trees, nowadays they do it in the court system,” says Fred Stovall, former pastor of a black church in Detroit, Texas, west of Clarksville. He says most people in the black community there don’t trust the police—but they’re terrified to draw attention to themselves. “Somebody’s got to say something or it’s gonna be all of us in the courtrooms,” he says.--Texas Observer