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Move To Amend fundraises "subversive traveling democracy wagon"



When Move To Amend took their message to the streets in early June, they did so in a chewing-gum-and-baling-wire-assembled theater wagon. Now, they are looking to preach to Salt Lake City about the evils of corporate citizenship from a more upscale vehicle.---

On July 12, Salt Lake City's branch of MTA launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter for $2,500. As of Monday, they had already raised $1,481. The fundraiser closes on July 28.

According to the MTA member who posted the fundraising request, "Bread and Circus is a a gorgeously subversive traveling democracy bandwagon and circus troupe that cruises around Salt Lake City to educate people on the evils of corporate rule and the promise of real democracy."

The new wagon will feature "gold filigree and bold images," and will be built "for beauty and durability." New elements to the MTA troupe, according to the poster, will include "a procession of local brass musicians, hula-hoopers, jugglers and unicyclists to help take over the streets in a creative frenzy."  

In a recent City Weekly profile of local MTA leader Ashley Sanders, the wagon played a prominent role, even if the bicycle-towed home for the troupe of actors and puppeteers broke down shortly after it left the South Salt Lake City house where they had been rehearsing prior to the first performance at a block party in downtown Salt Lake City.

For those who pledge, a scale of rewards, depending on your generosity,  is promised, ranging from high-fives from every Bread and Circus performer for $5 to a hand-embroidered handkerchief for a $100 donation.

Photo by Niki Chan, from June 28 cover story "Rebel Belle"

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