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Curtis Allgier seeks female attorney


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It's been more than five years since prison guard Stephen Anderson was shot and killed during a prison-break attempt by Curtis Allgier. Allgier has been through a number of defense attorneys and now has decided his best defense against a capital murder charge would be a woman.---

For the last couple of years, Allgier has been represented by attorneys Richard Gale and Dusty Kawai, of Provo. But Allgier has been expressing increasing frustration with them, noting in letters to City Weekly that they weren't coming to see him as much as he wished. "They refuse to file motions, appeals, let me see discovery [...], they won't even come see me or make it so I can call. I'm firing them, period!" Kawai expresses some understanding of Allgier's frustration, noting that incarceration meant his client would be unaware of all the activity he and Gale were pursuing on Allgier's behalf. 

"We are currently his attorneys and we will take it to trial, until we’re released by the court," he says. "That’s where it’s at."

Outside of well-regarded defense attorney Rudy Bautista, Allgier writes that he is seeking only female attorneys to represent him. "Females are diligent, meticulous, care, put their heart into it," he writes. Until he or those who seek to help him from the outside find someone who fits his requirements, he says he will represent himself in court.

 Allgier's next court hearing is Aug. 29.