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Running in Heels and Other Olympic Events We'd Like to See



The Olympics just don't have enough going on. 300 events? Please. With all the time I have left over after watching NBC's coverage of the few paltry sporting contests of the day, I could be inventing something that could save the human race. Instead, I've compiled a list of events that the IOC might want to take into consideration for future years. ---

Wiffle Ball – It's the ultimate family-reunion game. Who wouldn’t want to watch players smack a wiffle ball to lengths that nobody would have ever thought possible? Players putting slice and spin on the ball would lead to some very interesting highlights.

Ultimate Frisbee – All right, frat boys and naturalists, your sport deserves some time in the Olympic spotlight. After watching some ultimate Frisbee highlights ,this sport MUST be in the Olympics. Some of the catches and throws are simply amazing and they are being done by skinny, nerdy dudes or middle-age fat guys. Imagine the results when athletes in prime condition train all year for this exciting event. Plus, it gives the discus throwers another event to compete in.

Slip N’ Slide – Whoever does the best routine wins. Athletes twirl, spin, and maneuver their way down the slip n’ slide and get judged in the same manner as gymnastics. Slide on your head, knees, back, and feet for extra points!

Hunger Games – You don’t even have to give out a gold, silver or bronze medal -- only one Olympian prevails.

Hide & Go Seek – Little bit tougher to judge, but a designed course is set up for the event and players take turns hiding and seeking within a certain time limit. The age of Olympians could get even younger!

Pool Volleyball/Basketball – Everyone has played either one of these at some point in their life. Think about Lebron jumping out of the water to give a facial to Pau Gasol trying helplessly to defend the pool rim. Same goes for volleyball -- put Logan Tom in the pool and watch her work!

Four Square – Everyone’s favorite game at recess just got real. Cherry bombs, mailman, bubbles, black magic, skittles  -- all the classic moves are employed by Olympians trying to defeat their teammates and dominate the “king square”.

Running in Heels – Every girl’s nightmare just became an Olympic dream. Athletes compete in the 100 meter, 200 meter, and relay races, all in high heels. How they manage to stay on their feet nobody seems to know. Men’s events are also included.

Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Floor (Balloonering) – It's another “event” we have all done at some point in our life. Competitors take turns bopping the balloon up in the air and away from their teammate. Score a point for every time the balloon touches the floor.

Beer Pong – It 's about time this classic game gets Olympic exposure. Teams of two compete in pool play and a tournament all in one day in order to maintain the drunken stupor of the athletes. Frank the Tank might represent the Americans in the next Olympics.

Wipeout – The TV show that everyone loves on the Olympic stage. Athletes train to go across the big red balls, jump over the revolving pad and stay out of the water!

Egg and Spoon Race – Just another fun-filled event to add to track and field.

Bop It – You all know the game. Bop it, twist it, pull it, pass it!

The Cinnamon Challenge – This is one of the hardest tasks of all. Let's see if any athletes can handle this challenge; also, the Saltine Cracker challenge.