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What's on your "Even Better When You're There" list?


The “new car smell” is a great experience, and it only gets better if it happens while you’re in Europe. --- A local Volvo dealer, offers a deal where you can travel over to Gothenburg, Sweden, pick up your new Volvo right at the factory, drive it around Europe, take it back to the factory and they’ll ship it back to the U.S.A. for you. (No guarantees on whether the “new car smell” will survive the trip across the Atlantic.) There’s no doubt that buying a car can be an exciting experience, even if you’re just doing it on State Street, but there’s something about picking up your car and driving it around Europe that adds to the experience and will create fond memories you can reflect back on when you’re commuting through a January snowstorm on I-15.

Some things are just better in a certain place. For example, we’ve found Guinness just seems to taste better and colder when you’re in a pub in Ireland. It’s also great when you pour your own “perfect pint” during the “Guinness Storehouse” tour in Dublin. Cheesecake is one thing, but it only gets better if you get a slice from Junior’s deli in New York City, in Times Square late at night after you’ve just been to a Broadway show.

Everybody’s got their list of things where being in a certain place just makes it better, and it’s almost always something that’s unique to that one place or can’t be found elsewhere. What’s on your “Even Better When You’re There” list?

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