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New Doctors Disciplined by State Regulators


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Three new doctors had their licenses disciplined by the state of Utah in August, while another doctor’s license was reprimanded again for a similar prescribing-practice offense that got him in trouble in 2009.---

According to the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing┬ánew discipline newsletter, three new doctors were sanctioned by regulators. Joseph Courtney Empey, a St. George doctor, was given a reprimand and forced to take professional training classes resulting from “unprofessional conduct” in a methadone prescription that contributed to the death of a patient back in 2008.

James Richard Frede has his license disciplined in Illinois, and as result surrendered his license to practice and administer controlled substances here in Utah. Gary Dean Slavens was disciplined by the Kansas Medical Board, and as a result had his license to practice and administer controlled substances revoked by Utah regulators.

And Kenneth Crump, an Orem doctor, received a public reprimand for “unlawful conduct” in getting prescriptions for others. Crump was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. Ironically, Crump just had his license get off probation in 2011 because of “unprofessional” prescribing practices dating back to 2009. Back then, he was also given a public reprimand and asked to take a course on proper prescribing practices.

To see if your doctor has faced sanctions from the state going back to 2000, or to scroll through a list of all the discipline sanctions doled out against Utah docs, visit