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Glad You Asked: Utah State Fair, Pub Crawls and Greek Festival



Dear GYA, Get ready for it, brace yourself -- here come the lame Bill Clinton jokes. I love that dirty old man, but seriously, I don't know if I can avoid the Internet for the next week just to dodge Clinton zingers. I mean, his speech was pretty good, but I didn't think he could go for that long. Damn it. Well, anything happening tonight that's safe from Clinton jokes? - Skip Blufferton, Magna---

Skip, unfortunately, the only way to avoid the onslaught of Clinton jokes is to avoid the Internet completely. It's the only way. Here are some things to do away from your computer:

The popular Historic Pub Crawl is going down tonight at 5:30 p.m. Hosted by the Utah Heritage Foundation, this is a great opportunity to sip on suds and learn all about beer in the Beehive while touring three of Utah's famous watering holes. Plus, it comes with a free T-shirt! Register in advance at the Utah Heritage Foundation.  

The Utah State Fair is kicking off at the Utah State Fairpark. Expect plenty of fried Twinkies, things wrapped in bacon, demolition derbies and, of course, rides that'll make you spew -- a perfect family outing. Click the above link for more details. 

The Greek Festival will be starting up today at the Greek Orthodox Church. One of Utah's most well-known and beloved festivals, the Greek Fest is a four-day celebration of all things Greek including great food, dance troupes and a full-fledged Greek bazaar. Click the link for more info. 

A few more worthwhile events happening today:

- Bourbon House will be hosting Spotlight Karaoke tonight at 9 p.m. 

- The Utah Botanical Center will be hosting a Farmers Market from 5 to 9 p.m.

- The rock crew Voodoo Swing will be onstage at The Garage, starting at 9 p.m.  

For today's complete list of things to do, click here.  


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