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Makin' Good on New Year's Resolutions


You know those pesky New Year’s Resolutions that you may or may not have (intentionally) forgotten about? We haven't forgotten. We’ve caught back up with a dozen or so folks in the local music scene to see how they’ve done with the resolutions that they told us about last January.---

You can check out the original article here. But the resolution and the what-actually-happened answers are both below. It looks like our resolution setters have done so-so. I guess it’s not too late to make good this year, though.

What Are Your Musical New Year’s Resolutions?

Austen Diamond (City Weekly music editor):
Resolution: To make sure my windows are, in fact, up whilst singing “windows up” songs (e.g. “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” by Meat Loaf, or any Broadway show tunes!).

What happened: I bike everywhere, especially to work. So, I pollute my route from my 9th & 9th home with Meatloaf and other songs that my dad still loves. You’re welcome, 900 South, 300 East, 300 South and, especially, Main St.

Crystal Young-Otterstrom (Salty Cricket Composers Collective):
Resolution: I’d say that listening to more Shostakovich and less Tchaikovsky is always a good resolution!

What happened: I'm actually doing a 100 Symphonies in 100 Days challenge with my friends. We're now on day 84! We required five Shostakovich's and 1 Tchaikovsky. I am also intending to do all 15 of Shostakovich's Symphonies. I only have No's. 4, 6, 10, and 14 left. Weird that I haven't done 10 yet because that is one of my favs.

Robert Roake (The Suicycles):
Resolution: Think less. Drink more. I think that pretty much applies all around and to music.

What happened: [No answer ... We'll assume he succeeded, though.]

Andrew Shaw (The Platte/ Color Animal):
Resolution: I feel like I’ve gone into hiding in 2011. I have plans in my heart to start a new rock project, a new electronic project, and write and record a new Platte album. And, hopefully, I keep these resolutions better than my usual “I’m actually going to visit the gym this year” resolutions of the past.

What happened: I've started the rock project (Color Animal) and still have high hopes to record a Color Animal record and a The Platte record before 2012 is up. And I keep playing around with electronica music, but none is ready for prime time yet.

Dan Nelson (The Chickens):
Resolution: Convince my wife that Supertramp is awesome.

What happened: Well, my resolution was to start going to the gym again, and I did, but not until about a month ago -- I've lost 12 lbs., though, so that's good. [I then remind him of his original resolution] ... Oh, THAT resolution!!! Well, my wife just snickered and said, “No.” I'm a complete failure. I definitely plan on continuing in my efforts.

Steve Auerbach (
Resolution: To help get more music into more people’s lives than ever before. And to get more Frank Zappa in our schools!

What happened: So far in 2012, MusicGarage.Org has provided more performances per capita for kid musicians than any other organization in the world. Still working on the Zappa (and Slayer) in the schools, though. But our kids are playing Frank Zappa music!

Stephen Chai (No-Nation Orchestra):
Resolution: Sing a song every day. Shower songs count.

What happened: I'm probably hitting the mark five days a week. If only my exercise resolution was doing as good.

DJ Jesse Walker:
Resolution: I want to DJ in at least three cities outside of Utah this year.

What happened: I love sharing the sound of SLC's house scene wherever possible. I played a date at Portland's longest-running house night (HouseCall) last May and tried to secure more dates in the Northwest but it didn't work out in time. Vancouver has difficult international work restrictions. Who knew? I made some great contacts and have an open invitation to return. Utah has many talented DJ's and producers here who are ready to break out. The world should take a closer look.

Ben Harris (Hurris & Gig):
Resolution: We want to be more like Kyrylo Fesenko. And make good music, too.

What happened: I totally forgot about that haha, but we definitely have been working hard. Fesenko would be proud. Here is our new video we just came out with; actually, a really good video for being on a local level.

Tres Wilson (YYBS):
Resolution: I’d like to rekindle faded friendships. As for the band, I’m on a mission to get KRCL to play some YYBS!

What happened: Ha! Well, it’s funny: The band broke up, so I guess I'm kinda waiting to rekindle the band.

Alana Burman (KRCL producer and social-media specialist):
Resolution: Go see more local shows! Especially the small ones at Kilby Court.

What happened: I didn't get out to Kilby Court as much as I would have liked, but I still saw some killer local shows around town: The Awful Truth, Palace of Buddies, Birthquake, The Folka Dots and Sayde Price -- we've got a great music scene here.

Burnell Washburn:
Resolution: A European tour featuring Burnell Washburn, Paula Abdul and Gwen Stefani.

What happened: [No response. We'll assume, unfortunately, that this one will carry over to 2013]

Will Sartain (Future of the Ghost):
Resolution: To live my life more like Ke$ha.

What happened: Every year, my new year's resolution is to work harder and do the best I can ... [Then, I remind him of his real resolution]. That's what I wrote last year as my new years resolution? Though I have tried to marry Ke$ha all year, my efforts have been in vain.

Resolution: To get better at marketing ourselves

What happened: Truth be told, I think we've just realized that our lack of self promotion was not due to laziness or overcome-able reluctance as we had previously supposed. Eight months later, we are still completely lousy marketers. Because music to us is not and shouldn't be a business. We all have other ways of making money, and we're not fans of popularity contests. We honestly just really love creating and sharing music.
That said, we have done the following in line with that resolution: Set up a Twitter account, and then proceeded to never use it or really tell anyone about it; Start a blog, the most successful of our endeavors, in that it's turned out to be a great way to share what we're doing with our now-small-but-international audience; continue with the Facebook thing, though we never really ask people to "like" us at shows and do very little to get new fans. Also with a name like Matteo, even those searching for us have a hard time finding us; launch a bold and then crazily successful Kickstarter campaign, gaining us fans and concert invites across the world; submit a low quality YouTube video (below) to BoingBoing on a whim; went on our first-ever tour, to Chengdu, China.

Photo by Dan Moyle from Flickr Creative Commons