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Allgier's guilty plea leaves questions unanswered



Curtis Allgier's guilty plea this morning to the murder of corrections officer Stephen Anderson brings an end to a legal saga, but still doesn't give much clarity to some of the events that led to the killing.---

Allgier told Judge Paul Maughan in 3rd District Court, according to Aaron Falk's story in The Salt Lake Tribune, that he wanted to bring closure for the Anderson family. But questions remain unanswered about why 60-year-old Anderson was transporting Allgier to the hospital alone, given that the white supremacist, some argue, was desperate to escape.

On June 7, 2007, Allgier was sentenced to 104 months in federal prison for a gun-possession charge. In the past, Allgier had sharply criticized Aryan gangs on TV. It's unknown whether his fears about being put into the federal system and facing retaliation from gangs he had disrespected played a role in his murderous actions on June 25, 2007.

Some had expected Allgier's defense team to explore in his trial the social, judicial and penal factors in his evolution from bad-check writer to killer, but the typically volatile Allgier had decided to represent himself, which, given the theatrics and language he employed in court in the past, suggested a recipe for legal conundrums in April, when the case was set to go to trial.

Now, Allgier will serve life without parole, leaving the Anderson family perhaps some measure of peace that justice, in some form, has been served.


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