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Alternate Realities Roundup 10/12



A Senate Democrat launches a congressional study to look at relocating Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States, a plan that has faced steep congressional opposition since President Obama took office.---

Top of the Alty World

“Senate Democrat Launches New Study on ‘Housing Gitmo Detainees in the U.S.’”—Wired

In a spirited vice-presidential debate, Joe Biden’s tough attacks may not have won over independents, but he likely energized the Democratic base.--Slate

Foreign Policy magazine, however, points out that Biden also contradicted the State Department on Benghazi embassy security requests—Foreign Policy

Top of Alty Utah

New video shows Mitt Romney shilling for a fringe Utah college founded by right-wing conspiracy theorist and anti-communist Cleon Skousen.—Mother Jones

Many voters in Salt Lake County’s Millcreek are still undecided on whether to vote to incorporate the town into a city.—KCPW

Salt Lake County Mayoral Candidate Mark Crockett falls somewhere between Mitt-lite and “Rocky of the Right”—Salt Lake City Weekly

At a debate before Salt Lake City and county business leaders, Salt Lake County Mayoral candidates Mark Crockett (R) and Ben McAdams (D) interview for the job as county boss.—Salt Lake City Weekly


Truthout analyzes Mitt Romney’s call for defense-budget increases based on outdated Cold War thinking.

“Even though Romney claims that we need this massive increase -- which will take us to Korean War levels with no planned war -- he has not laid out in any detail what he plans to accomplish with this money. He talks about building more ships and three submarines a year and starting up the cancelled F-35 fighter planes, but he fails to put it into a picture of how submarines and cancelled, failed planes are going to make us safer from the insurgency wars that we might face in the future. In the 'Mad Men' view of the world, these Cold-War-style weapons are supposed to make us safe, but the United States faces a different world and a different threat than it did in that era.”—Truthout

The Long View

The North Bay Bohemian provides an excerpt of Geoffrey Dunn’s book on Mitt Romney’s hostile view toward women. Dunn looks at an incident where Romney, as a Massachusetts LDS bishop, advised against his ward member Carrol Sheldon terminating a pregnancy complicated by a blood clot that jeopardized her life.

“By the time of his visit to Sheldon's hospital room, Romney was a rising star in Mormon circles. In 1981, when he was only 34-years-old, he was named bishop of a ward just outside of Boston and was serving in that capacity when he confronted Sheldon about her pending abortion. There was no empathy forthcoming from Romney, according to Sheldon, no warmth or sympathy. ‘At a time when I would have appreciated nurturing and support from spiritual leaders and friends,’ Sheldon writes, ‘I got judgment, criticism, prejudicial advice and rejection.’”—North Bay Bohemian