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Here Comes the Boom opens today -- and here come the critics with their grimly lazy plays-on-words writing.---

The new MMA-themed Kevin James comedy, like all sports-related films, seems to bring out more than its share of puns and would-be gags related to the sport in question. For some, anything generally about fighting would suffice:

Here Comes the Boom will probably connect like a haymaker with most of its intended audience.” – Stephen Cole, The Globe and Mail

“…[that] late in the film engagement saves the pic from a more critical beat down ... but not by much.” – Jim Judy, Screen It!

Here Comes the Boom telegraphs every punch in its arsenal, but when the comedy connects, it can deliver with funny force. … the movie is a fighter with the heart to be a contender.” – Scott Bowles, USA Today

“…delivers repeated blows — to the abdomen, to the head, and to the groin, but not often enough to the funny bone.” – Janice Page, Boston Globe

“…even though Boom doesn’t pull its punches, it’s still a lightweight genre picture.” – Roger Moore, McClatchy Tribune News Service

A couple actually opted to get even more MMA-specific:

“Unfortunately for this reviewer, there was no tapping out.” – Radheyan Simonpillai, NOW Toronto

“It taps out right from the start and the promised Boom never arrives.” – Nell Minow, Beliefnet

When it comes to the industry trade papers, though, you can count on the fact that someone, somehow, will twist the forced wordplay into something notably insider-y:

“Genial tone will help slip a half nelson on opening weekend B.O.” – John Anderson, Variety