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TV Tonight: Revolution, Bad Girls Club, Major Crimes


What’s new on the soul-sucking box tonight:

Revolution (NBC) The Revolting gang is out to blow up a train tonight—unfortunately, it’s not the shitty soft-rock band, but an actual (non-electrical, natch) locomotive. ---Also, as evidenced by the preview, Charlie has a less-than-friendly encounter with Gus Fring, er, Neville. Is the entire first season going to be all about “We gotta get Danny back!”? Did we learn nothing from Sophia and The Walking Dead?

The Bad Girls Club: Mexico (Oxygen) Season Finale: All of the ejected Bad Girls—and there’s been a lot of ‘em this season—return for one last photo shoot, which will surely go smoothly with no weave-pulling catfights. Welcome back, “ladies”—especially you, Christina.

Major Crimes (TNT) Season Finale: So, Kyra Sedgwick quits The Closer, and TNT launches Major Crimes, which is exactly the same show with the same cast, just with Mary McDonnell up front—and no one notices! Brilliant. Can’t wait to see Alien Fighters after Noah Wylie quits Falling Skies and is replaced with Corey Feldman.

Also new tonight:
Dancing With the Stars, Castle (ABC); How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-O (CBS); The Voice (NBC); Major League Baseball (Fox); 90210, Gossip Girl (The CW); The Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo); Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Travel); Ridiculousness, Inbetweeners (MTV); Alphas (Syfy); Hoarders, Intervention (A&E); WWE Monday Night Raw (USA)

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