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Alternate Realities Roundup 10/23



Tuesday, you can hear third-party presidential candidates representing the Libertarian, Constitution, Green and Justice Parties debate alternatives to the major parties' approach to issues affecting Americans.---

Top of the Alty World

“Free and Equal Presidential Debate”—Free and Equal

Conservatives likely wish Mitt Romney would have landed more punches during the foreign-policy presidential debate.—Mother Jones

During the debate, Barack Obama called China an “adversary,” a label his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, herself has avoided.—Foreign Policy

A report from a European reinsurance company identifies North America as footing the biggest bill for the costs associated with climate change.—Salon

The citizens of Iceland were allowed to help draft the country’s new constitution using Facebook and Twitter.--GigaOM

Top of Alty Utah

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder blasts County Mayor candidate Mark Crockett on his jail-release plan.—KUER

Salt Lake City unveils a new curbside glass-recycling program.—KCPW

Two of the inmates Salt Lake City Weekly examined in a recent cover story, who suffer from mental-health issues and have been stuck in “the hole,” are moving out of solitary confinement since the story’s publication.—Salt Lake City Weekly

A billboard sponsored by an atheist group attacking the LDS Church was on display outside the final presidential debate.—Q Salt Lake


Dr. Brian Moench, head of Utah Physicians for Healthy Environment, blasts the hypocrisy of Mitt Romney’s involvement in using Bain Capital to help out Big Tobacco.

“With Bain still desperate for new business, Philip Morris quickly became one of Bain's most important clients. In the United States, Bain helped develop a strategy to lure smokers into switching to Philip Morris brands and increasing their overall sales. Within a few years, Bain helped the cigarette maker fend off rising public sentiment against tobacco and increased pressure from federal regulators, as well as defend smokers' rights.”—Truthout

The Long View

Salt Lake City Weekly reports on a situation where a man concerned with a state abuse investigation into his daughter called upon his friend Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell to investigate the Division of Child & Family Services for going after his daughter. Bell in turn used his authority to bring an audit down upon the agency.

“Bell, the man continued, told him he couldn’t interfere in the case because of the separation between the executive and the judicial branches of government. But Bell, according to Doe’s testimony, was sufficiently concerned by what Doe told him that he initiated an audit of the case on the taxpayer’s dime while DCFS was investigating the child-abuse allegations—which were not of a sexual nature—and the Attorney General’s Office was preparing to take the case to trial. Doe recalled Bell telling him, “‘Just for myself, I want to see how this comes out.’ I said, ‘Great, we don’t have anything to fear. Please do it.’”—Salt Lake City Weekly