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Alternate Realities Roundup 10/30



Mother Jones magazine weighs the scientific evidence of whether or not Sandy is a Frankenstorm thanks to climate change.---

Top of the Alty World

“Did Climate Change Supersize Hurricane Sandy?”—Mother Jones

While scientists worry if climate change made Sandy, a pastor says that—surprise! -- it was the gays' fault!--Salon

Meanwhile, Slate looks at how Sandy will affect the presidential campaign.—Slate

The Root takes a look at how white supremacists are preparing for the election.—The Root

Top of Alty Utah

KUER delves into a hot-button issue this presidential election: energy development on Utah’s public lands.—KUER

A winter farmers market is coming to downtown Salt Lake City.—KCPW

Salt Lake City will be decked in red in honor of World Aids Day.—Q Salt Lake


Mike Lofgren of Truthout opines on how Democracies die:

“There gradually coalesces a bitterly reactionary political alliance between the plutocratic rich; a retrograde religious Right seeking to roll back the secular state; hidebound militarists; and the species of glib, pseudo-intellectual malcontents who are drawn to political extremism like iron filings to a magnet. They all seek a purported restoration of a country that never existed: a pious, socially harmonious nation where everybody else knows their place. The political groupings of the center and left, on the other hand, are dithering, irresolute, and have not the courage of their own alleged convictions.”--Truthout

The Long View

The Salt Lake City Weekly dining guide is out, complete with your guide to must-have kitchen gadgets, ethnic comfort foods and even where to do competitive eating in the state. From “My Short-Lived Life As a Competitive Eater,” this is my account of attempting to do the “Beast” challenge at Tenney’s Pizza in Sandy.

“For roughly $26, you get six pounds of pizza and, if you can down it in an hour, they’ll pick up the tab and give you a cash prize of $100. As Tenney’s is a place to pick up pizzas for takeout, it is not an ideal setting for a challenge. You have to eat the monstrous (but delicious) pizza in the waiting area at a coffee table. As people stream in to pick up pizzas, they look over from the register at some fatso sitting quietly in the corner by himself, eating a pizza larger than a wagon wheel.”—Salt Lake City Weekly