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Alternate Realities Roundup 11/6



A study by the Sunlight Foundation has found $213 million spent this general election as “dark money” by organizations that use a loophole to avoid identifying who is donating the money. The study also found 81 percent of the dark money going to support Republican candidates.---

Top of the Alty World

“Latest Dark Money Tallies”--The Sunlight Foundation

Four out of five undecided voters from the presidential townhall debate now favor Obama.—Mother Jones

This election may deal significant wins for supporters of gay-marriage amendments.—Slate

Top of Alty Utah

Two lawsuits have been filed challenging the state school-board-selection process.—KUER

Will the “Romney tsunami” wipe out Democratic leaders in Utah this election?—Salt Lake City Weekly

A heavy hitter in the local ad agency business, Tom Love gets drawn into the fray of the Millcreek incorporation battle.—Salt Lake City Weekly

As an online exclusive in CW’s election guide, we allow Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, to read between the hopey-changy rhetoric of Barack Obama’s convention speech to see what he really means.—Salt Lake City Weekly

We also allowed liberal blogger Jason Williams of The Sidetrack to interpret Mitt Romney’s rhetoric.—Salt Lake City Weekly


Mother Jones says the election will decide if Mitt Romney is to be rewarded for “fact-bending and outright lying.”

“Romney's false assertions have been the building blocks of his campaign. And he has tethered his truth-trampling to a disregard for transparency. He succeeded in keeping most of his tax returns hidden from public scrutiny—one of the major tactical successes of his campaign. He never fully explained his offshore accounts or magical IRA, valued between $20 million and $100 million. Unlike Obama and past candidates, he refused to disclose his major campaign fundraisers, aka. "bundlers." Romney has not yielded to the calls to identify the tax deductions he would end to compensate for lowering tax rates for well-to-do Americans and other taxpayers.”—Mother Jones

The Long View

The Association of Alternative News Weeklies has commissioned a special investigation into how voter-ID laws are targeting a practically nonexistent voter fraud while at the same time disenfranchising very specific voting blocks.

“But study after study, including an exhaustive investigation by the Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, has found almost no evidence that in-person voter fraud occurs. Culling through nearly 5,000 documents over 10 weeks, the school's national “News21 Project” found only 10 cases of in-person voter fraud since 2000: about one case for every 15 million eligible voters. What's more, requiring state- or federally issued ID at the polls has been repeatedly shown by independent analyses to impose a disproportionate burden on very specific demographics: the poor, the elderly, students and people of color.”--AAN