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Don't Just Shrug When You Vote For Judges This Election


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Admit it, you’ve had that moment where you’ve gone into the booth, confidently voted for your candidate then got to the page with the judges up for retention and just started checking boxes based on who had the most "judgy"-sounding name.---

This election will be different so long as you take a look at the handy evaluation guide presented by the Utah Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission. Every even-numbered year, voters have the right to retain judges based on their performance in the courtroom.

Now you can search by county or by judge’s name to see if they are up for election this year and learn more about their performance. JPEC compiles a handy voters’ guide on the judges up for retention based on rankings made by attorneys, court staff, jurors, and even anonymous courtroom observers. Finally, the JPEC even makes its own recommendations for retaining judges with each report.

Visit the JPEC site here to find out more info about judges you may be voting on tomorrow.