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Now-a-Dollar Nov. 30


Two new arrivals at local discount theaters celebrate their inherent "movie-ness" in very different ways. ---

The first is Seven Psychopaths, writer/director Martin McDonagh's follow-up to his brilliant debut In Bruges. Colin Farrell stars as a screenwriter struggling through writer's block, while a wild crime thriller erupts in his life around him. Although it's a somewhat scattershot narrative, the wild episodic moments and the hilarious character bits -- including priceless performances by Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell -- give it the kind of energy that makes McDonagh a name worth remembering.

Wu-Tang Clan alum RZA's writing/directing debut The Man With the Iron Fists follows the adventures of a blacksmith in feudal China fighting against evil warlords. CW contributor Andrew Wright described it as "a martial-arts mashup that makes Kill Bill seem restrained. ... Like most projects designed to be The Coolest Thing Ever, this runs out of steam well before the close, but the insane dedication to replicating the source material’s shaky zooms and badly dubbed death rattles make it something to see."


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