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Alternate Realities Roundup 12/4



Secretary of State candidate Susan Rice should worry less about claims she played politics in regards to the Benghazi embassy attacks and more about the time she questioned labeling the genocide in Rwanda as “genocide,” since calling it that and then failing to act would affect congressional elections.---

Top of the Alty World

“Rwandan Ghosts”—Foreign Policy

A new GOP senator is proposing the construction of a new “Gitmo” if the President won’t approve the housing of new detainees.—Mother Jones

Research shows business chains that went on anti-Obamacare rants may be suffering because of their outspokenness.—Slate

Top of Alty Utah

Local businesses meet to discuss clean-air solutions for the Salt Lake Valley.—KCPW

KRCL hosts Mormons Building Bridges Founder Erika Munson to discuss the group’s future efforts to bring together the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the LGBT community.—RadioActive!

Openly gay Jim Dabakis says he hopes to be a role model for LGBT youth in Utah after winning a special election to the Utah State Senate.—Q Salt Lake


Eric Ethington of Pride in Utah says Utah’s federal delegates are playing a game of brinksmanship in the new “fiscal cliff” talks that would sting Utah’s retail industry sharply by allowing middle-class tax hikes to be reinstated.

“While political bloggers like me may find no end to the hilarity of their oblivious tactics, the impact on Utah families isn’t funny at all. 140,700 Utahns are employed by the retail industry, and retail sales – especially during the holiday season – account for $billions in our economy. If the partisan blinders can’t be put aside over the next month, and Congress fails to reach an agreement, our taxes automatically rise by up to $2,200 Jan.1. While $2,200 a year may not sound like much to those making $3 million a year, for 99% of us it’s a really big deal.”—Pride in Utah

The Long View

Salt Lake City Weekly looks at the challenges law enforcement has in reaching out to witnesses like Angela Alexandra, a woman who provided crucial information in helping police arrest Healaman Pragana, her serial-rapist boyfriend. Alexander says that police spurned her requests that her boyfriend be charged with raping her as well as other victims, while law enforcement questions her motivations.

“Pragana robbed people, his attorney would later tell a judge, to get money for food for Alexander, her children and other dependents. He said he also gave a percentage of his take—which totaled just under $7,500, according to court documents—as a tithe to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But, Alexander says, the terrifying reality behind his Robin Hood persona was a man who, she later told police, ‘was one minute as soft and cuddly as a kitten, the next minute an absolute psychopath.’”—Salt Lake City Weekly