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Merry X-Mas From L'anarchiste


Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho-ohhhhhhh. This holiday post will be slightly sad, but it will get better. --- I'll be very blunt, this holiday season has not been that kind, and in many ways has shown me the worst parts of human nature. Nearly being hit-and-run, a quiet heartbreak, stabbed in the back by old “friends” and finally hearing of two really good people who have passed over the course of a week didn't help things any. And while I know the season is a time for giving and good will, it's just so hard to do when everything around you just screams tragedy and malice. But, It does no one any good to dwell on the pain of yesterday. I'm not a fan of Christmas, but I got four days off because of it to do whatever I want, and part of that is clearing my head to the Vince Guaraldi Trio with hard liquor and pressing on to whatever comes next. Adversity, no matter what flavor, may find its way into your veins, but only strengthens your will and character and builds you up to help withstand the worst that's yet to come -- a gift of knowledge the generation behind mine should embrace. So, this year's post isn't filled with too much snarky humor and jabs at local faces, just a dose of honestly.


Much as I've done in prior years, the Christmas post is not dedicated to interviews, but is rather a small token of local music appreciation on my behalf to you, the people who choose to read this blog and have done so for so many years. More on that Saturday. This year, the musical guest is L'anarchiste! The group were kind enough to sit down and create a music video for your viewing pleasure today, featuring their own personal take on the classic carol “Silent Night.” The video was filmed a few weeks ago by Andy Brimhall and Arrius Sorbonne, and features Jeanette Knight of the Tasteful Tillys on vocals. Enjoy the music, and happy holidays.

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