Aged-out foster youth have education option in Mississippi | Buzz Blog
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Aged-out foster youth have education option in Mississippi



When foster youths turn 18, government benefits end, stranding many in a no-mans land of trying to build a future while struggling with financial restraints. Help with education is being offered from Jackson State University in Mississippi.---

Jackson will charge the in-state tuition rate to emancipated foster youth from across the country, beginning with the spring 2013 term.

Along with refugees, who lose all benefits after six months, foster youths who age out of the system are a particularly vulnerable community once they lose benefits that they've relied on for support for years. Getting a college education is a significant challenge for a foster youth who finds him or herself suddenly homeless at 18. 

Jackson State University President Carolyn Meyers in a press release stated that, "We want to support bright, motivated students from around the country who don't have the financial resources to pay out-of-state tuition."

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