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Glad You Asked: Robin Williams, Science Night and Local Bands



Dear GYA, I wish people would stop complaining about the inversion or smog or whatever you want to call it. The air quality in Salt Lake City is perfectly fine. Just because when you take a deep breath it feels like you're swallowing a scarf soaked in hairspray  doesn't mean there's a problem. Trust me, this is how air is supposed to taste.--- Anything happening today where I can enjoy this crisp, clean oxygen? - Billy McJiffers, 19th-Century Chimney Sweep

Billy, Who's complaining about the air quality? The more the TV tells me to not go outside, the better my excuses are for not exercising. I'm loving this air. Here are some options for today: 

Comedian Robin Williams and David Steinberg will be onstage at Kingsbury Hall tonight. When it comes to comedy, we all know the household name Steinberg. But for the unfamiliar, the actor/comedian Robin Williams is best known for the 2006 blockbuster action film RV and the underrated 2002 knee-slappin' comedy One Hour Photo. The show starts at 7:30. 

Keys On Main will be hosting the University of Utah Science Night Live. Sip on a beer and get ready for some moth-related science, as U of U biology professor Neil Vickers will talk about odor-modulated behavior, odor detection by the nose and how the brain is organized to recognize and discriminate amongst different odors. Boom, science bitch. The lecture starts at 5:30 p.m.

At Kilby Court, local indie bands Grizzly Spectre, Stag Hurr Band and the Asshole Century will be performing. Doors open at 7 p.m. 

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