Now-a-Dollar Jan. 25 | Buzz Blog
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Now-a-Dollar Jan. 25



Sundance is drawing to a close, but second-run theaters give you a chance to catch up with one of 2012's highest-profile blockbusters. ---

The latest adventure for Daniel Craig as James Bond, Skyfall, makes its dollar-theater debut this Friday, following agent 007 as he gets back in the game after a serious brush with death to face a cyber-terrorist (Javier Bardem) with a grudge. In keeping with the direction Craig brought to the series, this is a more down-to-earth Bond, yet there are echoes of his more high-flying past in director Sam Mendes' adventure. And while Skyfall acknowledges the history of the character, it also doesn't take for granted that the brand alone is sufficient to warrant our attention. With breathtaking cinematography, solid action and an effectively human story, it makes the case that Bond still matters.