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Why Waste Money on Crappy Shows? Use the Yelp of Concerts


We've all blown a huge wad of cash on a concert ticket only to see a band that, ultimately, came up short. To both warn fans and praise worthy bands, regarding the live concert experience, ShowScoop is modeled after Yelp’s directory and user-review platform.---

“I hope that it’s a valuable add-on for all the stakeholders involved in a show -- the artist, venue, crowd,” says Salt Lake City resident Micah Smurthwaite. He co-founded ShowScoop because of a situation that I mentioned above (read the Show Scoop's About Us). The site launched September 2012, and the iOS app dropped two weeks ago. There are approximately 1,000 users and 1,500 concert reviews on the site.

The reviews -- much like any user reviews -- are hit-or-miss qualitatively. But, users also rate a band on a five-point scale -- Stage Presence, Crowd Interaction, Sound Quality and Visual Effects -- thus giving a quantitative benchmark for the band. Reviews are not allowed without text.

Similar to Yelp’s Elite Squad, ShowScoop offers frequent users, The Road Crew, incentives such as free concert tickets.

There have been a few shows reviewed locally, such as when Youth Lagoon apparently bombed their set at Kilby Court or when Passion Pit brought a lack of crowd engagement to their set at The Complex.

Are you going to see Alabama Shakes or Thao & The Get Down Stay Down or any other of City Weekly’s recommended shows this week? If so, let your voice be heard at ShowScoop.