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Glad You Asked: R5, The Hush Sound and Justified



Dear GYA, Well, it's been over 24 hours now and I think I can finally say I have the perfect bracket. I've broken down every matchup possibility and I've watched more college b-ball than anybody I know. So, I'm feeling pretty good about beating Susan from accounting -- who  picks winners based on who has the cutest uniforms. Yes, as God is my witness, this will be the year that I finally win my office pool. ---Anything to do till game time? - Max Ranterford, Rose Park

Max, Good luck. Susan's method of picking teams seems just as reasonable as watching countless hours of college basketball, but what do I know? Here are a few happening before the madness begins:

Teen-pop band and arch-rivals of One Direction R5 will be performing at In The Venue this evening. Doors open at 7.  Tickets are $18. 

Indie band The Hush Sound will be at Kilby Court tonight. Sydney Wayser will be opening things up. The show starts at 7. Tickets are $15.  

True TV & Brewvies will be showing a free TV double feature. First, at 8 p.m. check out, Season 4 of the FX drama Justified, followed by Season 4 of the FX comedy Archer, at 9. 

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