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In The Loop: 6/1/13. Wave That Banner Proudly


Hello to all you rainbow-flag-waiving, equality-promoting, downtown-invading, parade-marching, LGBT-loving, Pride Festival enthusiasts! --- Yeah, in case you didn't catch on to the awesomeness that is surrounding Washington Square today, the Utah Pride Festival is happening, and, as usual, you'll see tons of pictures from me over the next two days and some post-festival coverage on Monday. But, that's a couple of days off, so let's dive into some events happening after Pride. Before that, in lieu of a 337 update, here's a look at some random art downtown, which just so happens to be doing a better job of influencing the art community than the crappy gallery that sat in this location before it:

On Tuesday, The Salt Haus will be throwing one hell of a BBQ, as the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble headlines a friendly gathering for anyone who wants to come, along with Palace Of Buddies and Stag Hare. Since it isn't an official gig or anything, there is no cover, but donations are highly suggested (don't be cheap bastards!) and you're encouraged to bring something to BBQ as the evening rolls along.


On Friday, the Ogden Arts Festival will kick off at the Union Station. If you haven't been to this particular one, it is worth heading out to see. Along with having more Weber Count-centric artists and musicians providing entertainment over the course of two days, there are also a lot of interactive elements, including competitions for artists to partake in, silent actions and a lot of things to occupy kids. And the first night runs during Ogden's Art Stroll, making the city an awesome arts hub for an evening. If you're up north (even if you're not), go to this!


Meanwhile, in Provo will be the next installment of the Rooftop Concert Series. This month's lineup is a hell of a show, as it features Joshua James and Polytype in an awkward yet kinda thrilling lineup, with Jay William Henderson opening the show. Provo's Gallery Stroll also happens to be running this night, so head out and check out the local art, make it over to the parking terrace for the show and then book it down to Muse Music, where the official after-party will happen with a Dollar Dance Party.


Next Saturday, the Downtown Farmers Market returns for the next five months, as it dominates Pioneer Park every Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. That's right, new hours, as they've been boasting. Your usual array of material is here for food and produce, as well as an Art & Craft Market, live music every week and, of course, events and competitions to check out. Get your grocery bags ready for some local shopping.


The following week is a little dull; mostly just concerts. If we're gonna talk concerts, we might as well aim for a big one. On Thursday, June 15, the Roots Of The Rocks Musical Gathering will take over Eagle Point in Beaver. I threw this in simply for the fact that it's taking over a recently renovated, 1,200-acre privately owned resort ... with the more-than-likely outcome of trashing the fuck out of the place. The lineup is still being constructed of touring acts and local favorites, like Marinade, Funk & Gonzo, Wasnatch, Scenic Byway, Burnell Washburn, Samuel Smith Band, The Jack Mormons and Afro Omega. Tickets are still on sale via its website.


As for the blog: Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to talk about some live radio shows with leading-women hosts, chat with the owner of a clothing line, check in with a stand-up comedian, look at the latest from SB Dance and the aforementioned coverage of Pride. At least, that's the plan -- who the hell knows? As always, we'll see what happens.

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