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A Beer in a Barbershop in Anaheim


This is a photo of me, sitting in a barbershop in Anaheim, holding a beer. There are things you can do in California, even just blocks from Disneyland, that you’d never dream of doing in Utah. Beer in a barber shop? I’m sure that my just typing those words is causing some Utah legislator somewhere to suddenly pause and look around and say, “I sense a disturbance in the force.”

The place where I got my hair cut and drank a cold one is aptly named Barbeer. I didn’t actually partake while in the chair; just held the can for the photo. This was partly because, as my barber, Tim, (also pictured) joked, “We don’t want you to get hair in your beer.” It was also partly because of the law. Barbeer has an actual bar license, so one part of the shop is set aside for only getting a buzz, while another part is set aside for only getting buzzed.

The nice part about having a bar license is that guys actually drop by just to have a beer and watch the game, even when they don’t need a shave or haircut. Barbershops have always been a place for guys to hang out, and now they have one more reason. There are other So Cal barber shops, where they can let you have a beer while you’re there, just like the ladies can get a glass of champagne at the spa, but Barbeer is different in that it actually qualifies as a bar.

The whole thing is really a stroke of genius. A woman who wants her man to get cleaned up tells him to go out and get a beer and gives him an address. He hears “Go get a beer,” and immediately takes off without asking about any particulars. Talk about your win-win situations! He arrives home later with a nice cut and maybe even an old-fashioned in-the-chair, straight-razor shave. I got a hot-lather shave while there, and if you’ve never had one, you need to put it on your bucket list.

The shop is located in an area called Center Street Anaheim, which has recently been revitalized and filled with mom-and-pop-type shops with an independent vibe, and the whole thing is not far from Disneyland. Next time you take your family there and need a break for some “Daddy day care,” head just up the road for a haircut or beer or both.

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