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Alternate Realities Roundup 7/30



Louisiana Governoer Bobby Jindal remains silent on state law enforcement arresting individuals for “sodomy.”---

Top of the Alty World

“Bobby Jindal Remains Silent on Sodomy Arrests”--MotherJones

Radley Balko talks about his research showing how local cops have used anti-terrorism grants to purchase military weapons used to break up raves and raid marijuana dispensaries.--Salon

At 1 p.m., EDT Democracy Now! Will be livestreaming the verdict of the Bradley Manning whistleblower trial and discussing the court's decision.--Democracy Now!

Iran has elected a moderate President who could usher in a new era for the country, region and perhaps the world, but first he has to overcome some incredible first-term challenges.--The Atlantic

Top of Alty Utah

Major GOP donors urge Utah's congressmen to pass immigration reform.--Utah Political Capitol

Solar Day Salt Lake rallies on a cloudy day to talk about the potential of solar power.--KCPW

A gunmaker says John Swallow accepted guns as gifts from him and never paid him back.--Utah Political Capitol

Local teachers had a unique meeting with lawmakers, where they got to candidly speak about education-reform efforts in the state.--KCPW


The Salt City Sinner talks the benefits of, and tips for, community gardening.

“It struck me the other day that while I have written about my community garden – and community gardening in general – before, I haven't taken the time to explain why gardening is something I enjoy, and something you might want to try yourself. As a matter of fact, gardening is a capital g capital t Good Thing -- for you, for your community and for America! Gardening is an activity with deep roots -- lol -- in human existence. We cultivate the soil and it cultivates us back. The act of planting and tending to vegetables, flowers, herbs and whatever strikes your fancy teaches us important lessons about the interconnectedness of life and the natural rhythms, cycles and processes that are inextricably a part of human life as well as the life of the garden.”--Salt City Sinner

The Long View

A death tears apart a Salt Lake City family, as a son battles to have his father convicted of the murder of his mother.

"In 2011, high school senior Pelle Von Schwedler Wall was a student-body officer, a varsity soccer player and a straight-A student at East High. He had plans to follow the example of his parents and study medicine. He had a heavy course load of several university-level classes, including calculus 3 and genetics, and spent his free time volunteering as a mentor to refugee children and refereeing soccer on weekends. It seemed as though the thin-framed young man was already carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, but in the wake of his mother’s death, Pelle was launched into the kind of life he’d never imagined, one that had him living in fear of his father while trying to fight for justice for his mother."--Salt Lake City Weekly