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Sugar Daddy Website Wants to Pay for SLC Divorces


blog9763widea.jpg, the creepy niche-dating website that once tried to purchase the naming rights to Sugar House, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by offering to pay for your divorce.---

Steve Pasernak, CEO of, said in a press release, “I thought it would be a creative way to get the word out about our site, and to help people gain real independence in their lives. And did you know Salt Lake City is a very expensive city in terms of divorce costs?” is paying only for uncontested divorce packages from The package would normally cost you $299, which is less than one hour of legal services here in Salt Lake City. The average rate for a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City is $325 per hour, according to

The wondrous package includes divorce documents for both spouses, a marital settlement agreement and, if you have children, a parenting plan for specifying custody arrangements and visitation schedules.

Darren Schuster, of Pop Culture PR, Sugar's representative said, "[The contest] is kind of a fun way to get the word out. I guess if you think about it it’s actually in our best interest. We are helping create more single people so they can join"

Salt Lake City is no stranger to "sugar"-related news. Last year, ranked Salt Lake City eighth in the nation for generous sugar-daddy spending. A survey by the site revealed that there are almost 12,000 women in the Salt Lake City area who are currently registered as "sugar babies." Roughly 31 percent of these women are single moms, while 37 percent claim to be students.

If's offer sounds like a good idea to you, submit your reasons for divorce, in writing, to by 5 p.m., August 15. The company founders will review the submissions; only the top three heart-rending stories will get the free divorce package.

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