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In The Loop: 8/10/13. Running With Zombies


Hello to all you clothing-compiling, dust-busting, trinket-polishing, electronics-checking, price-haggling, lemonade-swilling, gonna-find-us-some-hidden-treasures enthusiasts! --- A couple of weeks ago, I talked about going through my own junk for a yard sale and, lo and behold, within a few days, dozens of sales popped up all around town from people in our entertainment community. Either I'm influential, great minds think alike or we're all just strapped for cash and have plenty of junk to get rid of. In lieu of a 337 Wall update, here's a look at some random art downtown by Trent Call.

Getting right into events, on Sunday, we'll see the sixth annual SLC Zombie Walk. It's your opportunity to dress up as the undead a good two months before Halloween (and actually, this event has become the unofficial kickoff parade to the haunting season in Salt Lake City), and march around downtown. As always, people are encouraged to play along as survivors outrunning the hoard behind them. Check out the map below to join the fun.


Moving up to Wednesday, Hip-Hop 101 Back To School Jam will hit several spots in SLC. Performers will be at The Project from 2-5 p.m,. looking for donations of school supplies to help underprivileged youth in the community get what they need before the school year starts next month.


On Friday, Spy Hop will be throwing its own little Street Party. These events are always fun to attend, as you get to check out what the kids are up to, many of whom will end up taking part in or running the local entertainment scene down the road. Trust me, if you want a glimpse of the near future, pop in and see what these kids are doing.


Next Saturday, well, City Weekly's got this little thing happening at the Gallivan Center called the Utah Beer Festival; you may have heard of it. You're going to see a ton of promotion for it this next week, so I won't need to say much, but every year, this event has become better than the last. If you're a fan of local craft beers, this is a must-attend.


Next Sunday, the 14th Annual Utah Pride Golf Classic will taker place at the Stonebridge Golf Club. Normally, I don't promote golf at all; I think it's a lazy sport with poor fashion sense, so if anyone can make it interesting, it would be the Utah Pride Center. (Golf enthusiasts, I can't wait for your hate mail.) That's about all I got on it, check out their website to join the game and help support their causes. 


The majority of next week is concert,s until two weeks from now, when the Kiss Me Dirty run hits SLC. They'll take over the county fairgrounds and have women (or men in drag) run an obstacle course full of mud, grime, paint and various other things to get you soaked in filth. A portion of all proceeds will go toward gynecological-cancer research. 


As for the blog: The next couple of  weeks will have me diving into the local art community, as well as chatting up a local cycle shop, talking with an MMA fighter and his gym and looking at a local sticker company. At least, that's the plan for now; as always, we'll see what happens.

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