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Glad You Asked: Blueprint and Illogic, Ludacris and Nappy Roots



Dear GYA, It seems that actress Kristen Stewart will be attending UCLA in the fall to major in English. Yep, no other career path guarantees a stress-free and happy lifestyle like becoming an English major. As my adviser once said, "It's your ticket to financial independence." Anything happening tonight after I build a lean-to and eat leftover spaghetti from this trash can? - Michelle Snyderstein, English Major graduate--- 

Michelle, I have no regrets when it comes to getting an English degree. My hands have turned into weird, claw-shaped typing jabbers and my clothes let others know I'm just two bad decisions away from living with my parents. Here's what's up for today:

Legendary Columbus, Ohio-based rappers Blueprint and Illogic will be at The Project tonight. Local acts Dine Krew and Dumb Luck will open things up. The show starts at 6. Tickets are $10.  

Fast and Furious punchline-dispenser and rapper Ludacris will be onstage at the Twilight Concert Series. The show starts at 5 p.m. Tickets are $5.75 

Southern rap crew Nappy Roots will be at In The Venue. Pat Maine, A God Damn Bear, Tribe Of I and Scenic Byway will warm things up. The show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $16.50. 

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