Utah Teens Attempt to Make Viral Dance Video, Cop Shuts it Down | Buzz Blog
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Utah Teens Attempt to Make Viral Dance Video, Cop Shuts it Down



After pointless memes like Harlem Shaking, planking and milking, it seems it's getting harder and harder for bored kids to create videos worthy of Internet fame. So, when a group of Utah teen-bros hash out a plan to dance in and around a minivan in a Walmart parking lot to crappy house music, the last thing they need is some Internet-hating cop rollin' up to squabash the operation.---

But thanks to a group of keen-eyed witnesses, the majority of this mess was caught on camera and perhaps now, in some weird meta way, their mini-van dancing might just go viral ... 

If you can't sit though the whole thing, skip ahead to 1:55 to see the cop put an end to the party.

Considering that there's probably stranger people and activities happening inside the Walmart, it makes you wonder why cops even give a shit about something as mundane as this. One can only speculate how the responding officer reacted when dispatch radioed out what was going down at Walmart that evening: 

Dispatch: Attention all units, we have a 419 happening at Walmart. Any officers in the area please respond. 

Officer: You hear that, rookie? Now's your chance to earn that badge. 

Rookie: Gee, Sarge, what's a 419? 

Officer: What's a 419?! It's a police officer's worst nightmare: dumb-ass teens trying to make a viral video.  

Rookie: Jesus Mary Mother of God! Well, what do we do with these shoplifters in the back seat?

Officer: (In Batman voice) We have bigger fish to fry.  

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