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Wine Wednesday: Gimme Gavi


One of my favorite Italian white wines is Gavi, considered Italy's premier dry white wine. --- It's named for the Italian town in Piedmont at the center of its production zone, and is made with the Cortese grape.

Gavi is typically a tart, light-bodied, acidic wine with fresh lime aromas that goes especially well with fish, seafood and vegetable dishes.

A couple of examples of good Gavi available here in Utah include Araldica Gavi La Luciana ($12.99) and Principessa Gavi ($13.99).

The former, Araldica, has typical Gavi lemon and lime aromas and flavors of green fruit and citrus. It’s a snappy, unoaked wine that is terrific with fish and seafood, and exceptional with basil pesto.

Another favorite Gavi -- available at many Italian restaurants -- is Principessa. This wine is a bit less tart than the Araldica, with pretty pear flavors and hints of lime. It's the bomb with a simple Friday-night fish fry.

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