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Alternate Realities Roundup 9/24



A Massachusetts judge may force a woman to share parental rights with the man who raped and impregnated her.---

Top of the Alty World

"Massachusetts might force a woman to share parental rights with the rapist who impregnated her.”--Vice

A Mother Jones reporter describes getting a Utah concealed-weapons permit, in Maryland, while hungover.--Mother Jones

Ecuador's foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño, talks about his government's legal battles with Chevron over the dumping of oil in the country.—Democracy Now!

An economist predicts the stagnation of social mobility and decline of the American Dream.--The Economist

Top of Alty Utah

Gov. Herbert recently hosted the Log Cabin Republicans and other LGBT activists at his mansion.--Q Salt Lake

A campaign is underway to change the way Utah nominates its political candidates.--KUER

A locally produced documentary shows the discrimination LGBT individuals face in the workplace.--Salt Lake City Weekly

Utah's higher education leaders call for immigration reform.--Utah Political Capitol


The Provo Buzz tackles the false dichotomy of local campaign rhetoric in asking residents if they support business or strong neighborhoods.

“The problem is that the debate about property rights is currently controlled by small but very vocal minorities, and they present us with a question: Do you want economic development or do you want strong neighborhoods? As it is with most things, the truth isn’t found in the extremes. In fact, great economic development isn’t just about businesses — it includes improving and stabilizing neighborhoods. In the end, strong neighborhoods help businesses, and great businesses help neighborhoods. We don’t have to make a choice between healthy neighborhoods and strong businesses; we can and should have both.”--Provo Buzz

The LongView

The San Francisco Weekly looks at the emerging big business of marijuana.

“Around the country, attitudes toward marijuana are changing fast. For the first time, major polls say a majority of Americans — all Americans, not just dreamers and Spicolis on the whacked-out Left Coast — want marijuana legalized. On a billboard outside Denver's NFL stadium, on television commercials broadcast during NASCAR races, the one-time Weed With Roots in Hell is promoted as a safer, healthier alternative to alcohol. Even Arizona Sen. John McCain can smell the change: "Maybe we should legalize," he told a town hall earlier this month.”--SFWeekly