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Do You Know District 7 Better than the SLC Council Candidates?



Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5, and this year, City Weekly put the candidates for Salt Lake City Council to the test when it comes to how well they know their district. See how well you stack up against District 7 challengers Lisa Adams and Kevin Paulson (who opted out of taking the quiz because he claimed he hasn't lived here long enough and didn't want to look bad) in this quiz covering the businesses, history, and oddities of District 7.---


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If you've paid attention to the local council race, then you've probably heard all about what the candidates want to do for our fair city. But how well do they know the neighborhood businesses, local history and other trivia of their district? Let's find out. Below are the questions given to the District 7 candidates, and the answers. To sweeten the pot for the candidates, we also allowed them to sum up their pitch to voters. For those playing at home, scroll down slowly from the question to see the candidates' answers and then the correct answer.

Let's begin!

Question 1: The nickname for the famous Granite Furniture sign is (multiple choice):

a) Sputnik

b) Big Pokey

c) The Sea Urchin

d) Spike

e) Brigham Young’s Fantasy Star

Lisa Adams: It’s Sputnik! I’m on the planning commission and we talk about signs in Sugar House all the time.

Kevin Paulson: Refused to take quiz.

Correct answer: Sputnik

Question 2: The new S-Line, connecting Sugar House with South Salt Lake, is set to launch this December. How much does a full-fare ticket cost?

Lisa Adams: I'm pretty sure it’s whatever it is what it is everywhere else. So, I'm going to say it’s $2.50.

Kevin Paulson: Refused to take quiz.

Correct answer: $2.50

Question 3: What color has the UTA chosen to represent the new S-Line?

Lisa Adams: Silver.

Kevin Paulson: Refused to take quiz.

Correct answer: Silver

Question 4: Though the old Sugar Beet Mill of Sugar House never produced a single gram of sugar, name one other manufacturing product the building was used for after Brigham Young closed its doors in 1855.

Lisa Adams: It was used for a factory; I think it was once used for buckets.

Kevin Paulson: Refused to take quiz.

Correct answer: Either bucket factory, paper mill or woolen factory are acceptable answers.

Question 5: The Sugar House Obelisk was designed by famous Utah sculptor Millard Filmore Malin in 1930 and is a reminder of Sugar House’s nonexistent sugar-beet history. However, as one of the scenes on the sculpture suggests, what notable site was the Obelisk actually built on top of?

Lisa Adams: I know there are two Indians on it, and I know there’s a man and woman. Hmm, I know -- it’s where there’s a lot of water running so, is it where the crossroads and Parley's Creek meet?

Kevin Paulson: Refused to take quiz.

Correct answer: Mr. Smoots Old Trading Post

Quiz scores:

Lisa Adams (4/5)

Kevin Paulson: Refused to take quiz.

With Lisa Adams the winner of the district trivia quiz, we'll allow her to throw out her pitch to the voters:

"I lived in Salt Lake my whole life and I’ve been a volunteer throughout my life. So, I feel like my finger has been on the pulse, and so sometimes the pulse races and sometimes it slows. Because of that, I feel like I can offer a very pragmatic approach to the city council. Besides safety, mass transit and clean air, one issue that is really important to me is coming up with a unified approach to helping our homeless population. Homelessness is an issue that affects Sugar House, as well as downtown, so I would like to see a joint public and private effort, like what came together when we first did the Road Home; something along those lines, but with a daytime shelter that would be near the downtown library but on the Eastside rather than the Westside where the Road home is now. I would like to have it be a place where a homeless person could go to do laundry, take a shower and have an address if they’re trying to get work or access services. It’s kind of a pipe dream ,but I hope it wont be." -Lisa Adams

We would have let Kevin Paulson give his pitch to the voters here, but again, he refused to take the quiz.

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