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Do You Know District 1 Better than the SLC Council Candidates?



Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5, and this year, City Weekly put the candidates for Salt Lake City Council to the test when it comes to how well they know their district. See how well you stack up against District 1 challengers Kevin Parke and James Rogers (who wasn't available to participate) in this quiz covering the businesses, history, and oddities of District 1.---

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If you've paid attention to the local council race, then you've probably heard all about what the candidates want to do for our fair city. But how well do they know the neighborhood businesses, local history and other trivia of their district? Let's find out. Below are the questions given to the District 1 candidates, and the answers. To sweeten the pot for the candidates, we also allowed them to sum up their pitch to voters. For those playing at home, scroll down slowly from the question to see the candidates' answers and then the correct answer.

Let's begin!

Question 1: What high school in District 1 was once ranked number-one in the state by Newsweek magazine, and ranked 163rd nationally?

Kevin Parke: All my high school anxiety is coming back. Well, since there’s only one high school in our district I will say West High School.

James Rogers: (Wasn't available to take the quiz.)

Answer:  West High School. 

Bonus: What was the original name of West High School.

Kevin Parke: Hmmm, I’m not sure. Uh, Salt Lake City High School? Close enough: Salt Lake High School.

Answer: Salt Lake High School.  

Question 2: What aeronautical innovation was first debuted to the public by world-famous aviator Glenn H. Curtis at the Salt Lake Airport in 1911.

Kevin Parke: Geez. The helicopter? 

James Rogers: (Wasn't available to take the quiz).

Answer: The Seaplane.  

Question 3: In 1911, a piece of land used by Spanish-French sheepherders was chosen for what would later become the Salt Lake International Airport. Before this, where did planes used to land?

Kevin Parke: These questions are tough, I’ll guess and say The Salt Flats? 

James Rogers: (Wasn't available to take the quiz.)

Answer: The Utah State Fairpark 

Question 4: The Utah State Fair was first held in 1856, only it went by a different name? What was the original name of the fair?

Kevin Parke: Was it the Farmer’s Co-Op? 

James Rogers: (Wasn't available to take the quiz.)

Answer: The Deseret Fair.  

Question 5: What ecological Superfund site was shut down by the EPA in 1985, and later removed from the National Priorities List in 2003? 

Kevin Parke: Dang, I’m think it’s something out by the refineries. Yeah, it’s a big soccer field now. Cool.

James Rogers: (Wasn't available to take the quiz.)

Answer: The Rose Park Sludge Pit

Quiz Score:

Kevin Parke: (2/6)

James Rogers: (Was not available to take quiz.)

With Kevin Parke the winner of the district-trivia quiz, we'll allow him to throw out his pitch to the voters:

"I have served the community for 14 years. Served on community council, been very active in our children’s education. Education, clean air, and public transportation are the big ones I stand by. We were kind of left out of the equation when it comes to public transportation. We have the north Temple TRAX line but we don’t have the bus service to get there. We don’t have a park-and-ride lot, either; there’s no legal lot to park in. So, we need to have conversations about public transportation and how it can benefit those of us on the west side. You know, my wife and I moved here and raised our family here and it’s been a great place to live and I want to make sure it continues to be a great place to live-- that we’re active in our community and green spaces, and that’s there are things for our kids to do. I think I really have a feel for what the average family on the west side experiences and I’d be a great representative." - Kevin Parke 

We would have let James Rogers give his pitch to the voters here, but again, he wasn't available to take the quiz.

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