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BYU Urine Scientists Solve Splash-Back Problem



Forget global warming. Brigham Young University physicists recently have come up with suggestions on how to avoid a problem that has plagued the human race for far too long: urine splash-back. --- In an actual study, by actual physicists (who call themselves "whiz-kids"), extensive testing has been done to determine the methods by which pee-ers, specifically men, can achieve the least possible splash-back when making trips to the bathroom.

You are probably thinking that you remember some kid doing this as their sixth-grade science-fair project, and you’re probably right. But these guys are doing real-life science, people—studies to ensure that you have the best peeing experience possible.

If you need proof that this was an actual experiment, take a look at their official video:

This important pee science was done in the BYU Splash Lab and was accomplished by setting up high-speed cameras that filmed a stream of colored water going into a tank filled with water, essentially simulating natural urine flow. They also had a tank that simulated peeing while sitting on a toilet rather than standing at a urinal. Using different techniques, they determined which led to the least amount of splash-back.

Physicist professor Tadd Truscott said in a BBC News article that the splash-back effect is a real problem and that it leads to a breeding ground for bacteria. He said splashing is a problem because of the Plateau-Rayleigh instability, where a stream of liquid will break up into droplets.

Truscott, along with physicist Randy Hurd, found that sitting on a toilet was the best option. Those who prefer urinals should stand close to the urinal and aim for the back at a downward angle to reduce the amount of splash-back. Researchers also found that something as simple as the cleaner used on the urinal can make splash-back worse. So, find a dirty urinal, get nice and close to it and enjoy your splash-free pants.

If this study isn't a good enough reason to change your habits, listen to the advice of Larry David:

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