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'Twas The Entry Before X-Mas


Hey, everyone. It's that time of year again, and with any luck it will be over as quickly as yanking out stitches. --- Normally, I would be in a more sarcastic and funny tone, but not this year, because most of 2013 was a bummer in the ol' room of clutter. I'm sure there are a couple of dozen counselors reading this who are itching to snag me on my new insurance plan to cure me of the nine different forms of depression they could diagnosis me with, but the truth is I'm just not feeling it this year. And that's okay; not every season needs to be spent around the ones you love -- sometimes you need to do things alone and be absolutely miserable to discover what real happiness is.

Kind of like the happiness currently being felt throughout the state from what I can only guess are the over 1,000 couples either holding a marriage license or officially wed this week after Amendment 3 was buried at sea, or, in our case, our extra-salty lake -- right next to the last miscegenation law that died in 1963, and with any luck will also be the final resting place of Gayle Ruzicka; who, according to Troy Williams, was known to frequently say that gay rights laws would pass “over her dead body.” Who knew it would only take four days of legal same-sex marriage to put her in the grave after so many failed attempts with wooden stakes and exposure to pure sunlight. And while I could continue this rant by taking pop shots at what passes for an “editorial board” at the Deseret News these days, let's just move on and enjoy the fact that Christmas came early this year to a lot of people.


As is tradition every year on either the eve or day-of Christmas, I bring you some holiday music from one of the local bands in town; a little treat for those of you who chose to spend some of your day reading this ridiculous blog that's still standing after ... ohh, six years. We'll discuss that more on Saturday. This year, the band I'm going to go with fell through, but that's okay, because I've got a few who have created videos for this blog in previous years. I'm digging up this awesome little ditty from The Lazy Waves, which you can still snag on their Bandcamp page, along with their full-length album and other releases.

Have an awesome and safe holiday.

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