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Alternate Realities Roundup 1/17



Rolling Stone takes a look at the “Stealth War on Abortion” fought to repeal abortion rights by the Tea Party and Christian right in state legislatures across the country.---

Top of the Alty World

“The Stealth War on Abortion”--Rolling Stone

ProPublia reporter Julia Angwin offers tips on how to surf the web and protect your private information at the same time.--ProPublica

A bipartisan effort looks to review the the Voting Rights Act gutted by a June U.S. Supreme Court Decision.--The Root

The CDC is warning pregnant women in West Virgina not to drink contaminated tap water following a toxic chemical leak.--The Nation

Top of Alty Utah

Utah's House Speaker discusses how the state might cautiously agree to expanding Medicaid in Utah.—Salt Lake City Weekly

A bill in the 2014 session seeks to help minors stuck in “license suspension limbo.”--Salt Lake City Weekly

A lawmaker will be pushing a bill to require half of all state owned passenger vehicles to run on natural gas in the future.--Utah Political Capitol

The Utah Tax Commission has announced that same-sex couples may file joint income tax returns.--Q Salt Lake


City Weekly founder John Saltas reacts to the outrage some readers had to the cover image of City Weekly's story on same-sex marriage in Utah that showed two men kissing.

“For some, that cover triggered a gut reaction to steal or destroy—in contrast to the story, titled “Love.” I bet on love, but then again, I grew up in the 1960s and Paul McCartney was my favorite Beatle. I love Utah. I no longer despise, but tolerate, the base ignorance that feeds the fears of some of my neighbors. I figure they’re still growing, and I think there’s going to be a time when they all do grow up. Or mostly do. For, plain as the paper in your hands right now, or as blue as the glow of the computer screen in front of you, gay marriage will become a recognized institution in Utah. It just will.”--Salt Lake City Weekly

The Long View

The Miami New Times looks at how The First 48, a reality show following homicide detectives rushes police investigations leading to the jailing of innocent victims.

“In Detroit, city police shot a 7-year-old girl in the head in a bungled attempt to catch a suspect on The First 48. In Houston, another man was locked up for three years after cops wrongfully accused him of murder within the first 48 hours. And in Miami, according to a New Times examination of court records, at least 15 men have walked free of murder charges spawned under the program's glare. Despite it all — sloppy crime scenes, rushed arrests, ruined lives — The First 48, which has now reached its 13th season, is as popular as ever. Millions of Americans tune in to every new episode, and with ratings as seductive as these, who cares about a few botched investigations?”--Miami New Times