According To This Samsung Ad, You Can Jog From Utah To Sochi | Buzz Blog
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According To This Samsung Ad, You Can Jog From Utah To Sochi



Want to go to the Olympics? Then get off your lazy ass and start running. According to this new Korean Samsung commercial for the Galaxy Note 3, the 6,422-mile jog to Sochi is not only possible, it can be done without breaking a sweat.---

The ad, which is currently making the rounds in the South Koreans TV markets, starts off with a young man watching a clip of a female figure skater on his phone. Suddenly, the Olympic spirit takes over, and he feels the overwhelming urge to haul ass to Russia ... from Ogden, Utah. 

But why, you ask? Perhaps he wants to meet that fine young lady, or perhaps he just felt like running. Either way, his cell-phone-inspired power jog seems to motivate hundreds of other Koreans to join him on his quest to the Bolshoy Ice Dome in Sochi, Russia.

If you go to Google Maps and choose Union Station as a starting point and Sochi as your destination, you'll break Google.

As you probably noticed, the ad highlights plenty of familiar Utah spots, the Gallivan Center, Ogden's historic 25th Street, Alleged's rooftop patio and a slightly altered version of Union Station. As weird as this ad is, it's still pretty cool to see Utah front and center in a Korean television commercial. 

On a somewhat related note, if you're dying for more inspirational "follow someone for no reason" sports-themed videos, this scene from the film Hot Rod trumps everything: 

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