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Catching Up With Desert Noises at SXSW



It's been a blur of music and fun for the music lovers and bands attending SXSW, but Provo folk-rock band Desert Noises (photo courtesy of Facebook) took a few minutes out of their hectic festival schedule to chat with me at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew in Austin. Tyler Osmond (bass), Pat Boyer (guitar) and Brennan Allen (drums) talked with me about their upcoming sophomore full-length album, 27 Ways--out March 25--and what they think of their SXSW experience this year. ---

How do you describe your sound?

Allen: We play some form of rock & roll. The best way I think to describe it, we usually say is have you ever seen Remember the Titans? You know Denzel Washington? He’s so cool, he’s pretty rad [everyone laughs]. That’s it. No, we have a broad range of influences, everyone listens to something different but it all boils down to some form of rock and roll, Americana.

What projects are you currently working on?

Boyer: The new album is coming out in two weeks, the 25 of March.

Allen: We’re excited. They’re songs that we tested on the road and wrote on the road, and we’ve been playing them for a long time on the road, so we’re just excited to get the actual physical copy out and see what people think of the work that we did.

This is your second year at SXSW. How does this year compare to 2013?

Osmond: A lot more shows, more than double than last year, that’s for sure.

Allen: Last year, we played three or four. One time I think we did two shows in one day, but this time around we’re doing a total of 15 shows altogether. Plus hanging out with people like you, so we’re just runnin’ around all over the place. It’s an adventure.

What's been your favorite part of SXSW 2014?

Osmond: Last night was fun, we got to hang out and see Kurt Vile, and Felice Brothers.

Allen: Yeah that was really good. ... It’s just chaos 24/7; it’s so much fun.

Where are you heading on tour? Are you going to be playing a hometown show soon?

Osmond: We’re going to head east after this.

Allen: Yeah, good ole Midwest and the East Coast get down in the South quite a bit, it’s going to be fun.

Osmond: We play in Salt Lake at Urban on May 3.

Allen: That’s with Future of the Ghost, Will Sartain’s band. Those guys are awesome.

Osmond: And that will be our album-release show in Salt Lake.