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TV Tonight: Fargo, True Tori


What’s new on the tube tonight:

Fargo (FX) In the second episode of TV’s best new series, Glenn Howerton (Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) turns up as a dim-but-determined local personal trainer, ---as do Adam Goldberg and Russell Harvard as “Mr. Numbers” and “Mr. Wrench,” two men very much interested in how local asshole Hess wound up dead on top of a hooker. If you missed the first episode of Fargo last week, check it out here and catch up already.

True Tori (Lifetime) Series Debut: This is Tori Spelling’s, what, fourth reality show? After as many tell-all autobiographies? She—and especially husband Dean McDermott—ain’t that fascinating, and yet TV networks and book publishers can’t get enough of ’em. True Tori picks up with the couple three weeks after McDermott has left rehab, which is the standard, healthy amount of time to begin shooting your next reality series, and … yeah, I’ve already lost interest.

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