Nardwuar Takes On The Wu-Tang Clan (Performing at Twilight on July 31) | Buzz Blog
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Nardwuar Takes On The Wu-Tang Clan (Performing at Twilight on July 31)



Nardwuar, The Human Serviatte, acclaimed music interviewer and sentient thrift shop, recently took on the challenge of interviewing nearly half of the Wu-Tang clan after their June 18 show at the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia. Get ready to take a shot of Henny every time someone says, "Nah Mean?" or "Numsayin?"

In classic Nardwuar form, the interview is full of beautiful awkwardness. Thankfully, RZA took the bulk of the questions while Ghostface, U-God, Cappadonna, Masta Killa and Raekwon took it upon themselves to rip on Nardwuar's outfit. When Nardwuar asks Raekwon a question, The Chef becomes fixated on his sweater, "It's murdering me, B. Where did you get this from?"

But RZA is a true professional and spends most the interview discussing his favorite topic, Kung Fu flicks. He also drops a few interesting Wu-nuggets, like how the person who invented the modem, did so while listening to Wu-Tang (no one seems to question this) and how GZA's 1991 single, "Come Do Me,"  the first major release from a Wu-Tang member, featured Bobby Digital and The Chef in the video as painters (well, at least their arms and elbows).

Wu-Tang will be performing at the Twilight Concert Series with Run The Jewels on July 31.