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Local Releases: Getting All Technical


We're entering the last leg of summer music, and while we're getting to the last of the outdoor festivals and release parties, let's take a look at the last of what July has to offer. Plus, there are two release shows this weekend for you to check out. We'll start with Pest Rulz, the SLC “candy rock” duo comprised of Andrew Milne (Spell Talk) and Taylor Orton (Eons). This is an occasional project the two have had for nearly two years, it actually sounds pretty cool and I'm kinda shocked they haven't made more music up to this point. The last thing they released was a collection of singles in October 2012, but now they're back with an EP called Something's Cookin, which you can download for $4 off their Bandcamp page.


Next up is a cool album by a project called Soundfloats. I trekked through the Internet for something on this artist and came up with absolutely nothing, and all my e-mails have been ignored up to this point, so I have no background on this artist. What I can tell you is they released this brand-new album called Multiverse. It's primarily electro-dance and tech house music, but none of it really pulls you into the heavy side of either genre, which makes it lovely music to either groove or chill to. You can download it for $10 off their Bandcamp page.


Moving from the technical to the industrial, we've got new music from Contaminated Intelligence. The Ogden group—led by founder/producer Jourdan Turner—has been keeping busy over the past couple years, releasing physical copies of album with no online distribution, the last of that kind being Frozen Memories in late 2013. But in February of 2014, Turner returned to the web and put out a remix album called Worn Teeth, made up almost entirely of remixes of the album's title track ("Worm Teeth") by guest producers. Now, he's released an EP with all new tracks—his first since December 2012—titled Mental Fractures. It's got some of his most experimental material to date and it's totally worth checking out, which you can do for whatever you'd like to pay on his Bandcamp page.


And then for release shows, we have the long-awaited new full-length album from Lindsay Heath, which I won't need to speak much about because you can read about it in this week's issue of City Weekly. Once you're done reading, go check out one of her two release shows for Holy Medicine this weekend. The first is an all-ages show tonight at The Shred Shed at 7 p.m.; the second, a 21-plus show, will be on Saturday night at The Urban Lounge at 8 p.m. Both shows will be a mere $5 and will feature Big Wild Wings, Zodiac Empire and La Femme Medea.


Love music, head out, buy local.

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