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TV Tonight: Red Band Society, Mysteries of Laura, Extant


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What’s new on the tube tonight:

Red Band Society (Fox) Series Debut: A dramedy with the snarky teen attitude of Glee and none of the musical numbers, Red Band Society (a title that beat outSadder Children’s HospitalandKancer Kidz!) is the only real chance Fox is taking this season besides Gotham. Like earlyGlee, the young cancer-ward residents are all fresh-faced newbies spouting rapid-fire pop-cultural zingers, leavened with gallows humor and grounded by older actors of note (Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable as hospital staff). And the show’s narrator is a child in a coma, so “deal with it” (even Coma Kid has ‘tude). Hopefully, RBS can avoid the Glee death spiral (yes, I’m aware of the phrasing).

The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) Series Debut: There are two shows here: One’s a cop show where a surprisingly effective Debra Messing plays a wisecracking, been-there-done-that NYPD detective who wouldn’t be out of place on Brooklyn Nine-Nine or even Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, the other is where she’s a harried single-ish mom to awful, awful twins. Call me when they dump the brats.

Extant (CBS) Season/Hopefully Series Finale: Halle Berry’s sci-fi shitshow is finally over! Never, ever bring it back, CBS! Just leave her in space!