Movie Reviews: Best of Me, Last Days in Vietnam, Book of Life, Pride | Buzz Blog
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Movie Reviews: Best of Me, Last Days in Vietnam, Book of Life, Pride


The Vietnam War, online communication or Nicholas Sparks: Which experience at the movies this week is more traumatic?

Danny Bowes compares Rory Kennedy's documentary Last Days in Vietnam favorably to Argo as a taut procedural thriller, and praises the animated Dia de los Muertos-themed The Book of Life for its terrific songs and elegantly simple storytelling.

MaryAnn Johanson has nothing but praise for Pride, the inspiring, superbly-acted true story of the improbable alliance between gay activists and striking British coal miners. Meanwhile, she laments the digital-age hand-wringing in Jason Reitman's overwrought ensemble drama Men, Women & Children.

Scott Renshaw rolls his eyes at Nicholas Sparks doing his typical Nicholas Sparks thing in The Best of Me (pictured). In this week's feature review, he observes as the war-is-hell intensity of Fury turns into filmmaker David Ayer's familiar theme that everything is hell.