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TV Tonight: Kingdom, Arrow


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Kingdom (Audience/DirecTV)
  • Kingdom (Audience/DirecTV)

What’s new on the tube tonight:

Kingdom (Audience/DirecTV) Season Finale: Is it to early to talk about a—nooo!—replacement series for the dearly-departed Sons of Anarchy? If you are up for it, and happen to be a DirecTV subscriber, check out Audience channel original Kingdom, which finales for its first season tonight (all episodes are available on-demand, and it’ll be back for Season 2). Kingdom is about the in-and-out-of-the-octogon drama of a family-run MMA gym in Venice, Calif. It’s not perfect (then again, neither was SOA), but it is soaked in testosterone and tattoos, set in SoCal and everybody calls each other “brother” a lot (and some actually are brothers—including a buff and broody Nick Jonas, who’s better here than you’re thinking right now). It also has plenty of violence, sex and nudity—now you’re paying attention.

Arrow (The CW) Winter Finale: Speaking of frequently-shirtless dudes who like to fight, it’s the Arrow winter finale! Don’t worry—Olicity will return Jan. 7.