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In The Loop: 12/27/14. Year 7

This blog turns 7 years-old, still zero strip clubs covered.


It's pretty exciting and also surreal to see where this blog has come in the time it's been around. The standard for blogging these days is that you start it up with great hopes, run out of topics in six months, forget you even started one and then it just sits in the ether of Tumblr or Wordpress. Waiting for someone to run across it when they're looking you up on social media, probably for dating purposes, but didn't sign up for LinkedIn after being harassed 40 times a week to make an account. So they stalk you on Google which took them to your 2011 tirade about how much you love the short-run anime Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Yep, that was mighty specific. You know what else is specific? This blog turns 7 on New Year's Day.

Orange? Who makes orange candles?
  • Orange? Who makes orange candles?

That may not read like an amazing number on digital paper, but that fact that the majority of media-related blogs don't survive past two years, and those with stamina and gusto don't really make it past five years is pretty incredible. Even Dooce, the “Utah standard” at which all blogs are held against to this day, has withered down to Armstrong posting the occasional detailed post, surrounded by several miniature ones with pics and barely a paragraph of text. The point is, surviving to seven years online is an accomplishment that stands as the web equivalent to having a 30-year column in print.

Somewhere in this map of the Internet, your tribute page to Home Improvement still exists!
  • Somewhere in this map of the Internet, your tribute page to Home Improvement still exists!

To those of you who have supported it this long – thank you! I seriously wouldn't still be doing this if you weren't reading it and checking out all the awesome things in this community. Also, thank you for supporting anything you've seen me cover on this blog, as it's one of the few covering strictly local entertainment with little deviation into national or sensationalized items. And if you don't support this blog – thank you for the encouragement! Below is a pic from Twitter, one of several I usually see in a monthly basis (although this one is pretty tame), where someone is pissed off or disgruntled about something I've covered. (Thanks to Breaking SLC News for all the re-tweets) While some would be discouraged by these types of posts, I take them as a sign of reassurance that I'm doing something right. Because if it were up to people like Peter, the kind of music, art, film, businesses, entertainment and general underground stories I cover would never see the light of day.

And this is just from the weekend.
  • And this is just from the weekend.

I'm very grateful to be doing what I'm doing after all this time, I got nothing but love and respect to my City Weekly family for letting me write on this website. To be able to bring these kinds of things to you that major papers rarely touch, many alternatives slightly graze and few writers would spend a quarter of their careers on. This community has a lot to offer in entertainment, back when I started, to Monday's post and far into whatever the future holds for all of us. Thank you so much for reading, and here's to going into year #8.

Just pick one and join in, I'm sure there's water around here too.
  • Just pick one and join in, I'm sure there's water around here too.

Most of the events over the next two weeks were primarily New Year's Eve events with a cluster of confusion over what anyone is doing in 2015. So we'll skip those for now, or you can check out my Twitter page for random events to attend, and pick it back up in a couple weeks and just get back to interviews starting Monday. As always, we'll see what happens.