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TV Tonight: Powers


Powers (PSN)
  • Powers (PSN)

What’s new on the tube/gaming console tonight:

Powers (PlayStation Network) Series Debut: In case you were wondering, yes, errybody’s getting into the original-programming game—even your PlayStation. Powers, the first offering from the PlayStation Network (PSN), is based on the graphic novel of the same name; the “Powers” are superheroes, though not all them are heroic, hence the need for detectives to investigate crimes and murders associated with them (this universe’s superheroes parallel professional athletes and celebrities who think they’re above—waaay above—the law). Sharlto Copely, Eddie Izzard, Michelle Forbes and other legit actors star, lending some weight to a production streaming through a game console. All that remains to be seen is if the series can live up to the comic’s hype.