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In The Loop: 3/21/15. Running Away From A Good Walk

A look at cool events from March 22 - April 4.


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Hello to all you joint-lubricating, sneaker buying, mile-tracking, spandex-wearing, chasing-the-dragon-that-is-runner's-high enthusiasts! Okay, I get it, marathon season has started, and I'm sure that every single thing you're running for is an awesome cause that will eventually bring great joy to someone in the world. But I'm not really a runner, I'm not even a jogger, I'm barely a speed walker when I need to get somewhere. So while I appreciate what you're doing, STOP asking me to join you. I'll support you, and if they broadcast it online I'll watch it and look for you, but the only marathon I have planned this year involves Netflix. Unless we're talking a comic convention, then that's it's own endurance challenge. In lieu of a 337 Memorial Wall update, here's some random art from downtown SLC.


Getting to events, first up is the Spring Power Panel over at Westminster on Monday. Short version: this is a major panel on access to sexual health care and education, two items that are sorely overlooked in the Utah educational system. Panelists will be on hand from areas like Planned Parenthood and the Utah Pride Center among others, giving completely free advice to those who need it. If you're one of the many (and it's totally okay to admit it) who are unaware of the risks and could use some unbiased third-party advice on these topics, you might want to consider attending.


On Wednesday night, March 25, Wasatch Roller Derby will be holding their recruitment night. Those of you who have been wanting to get involved with a sports league that's kinda badass, this might be right up your alley. Best yet, you don't need to be a skater to join as there are awesome people who can train even the most incompetent novice into a Grade-A Jammer. Head over to the Derby Depot (1415 South 700 West) to check it out.


On Thursday, March 26, more of an online event in Utah as the Love Utah, Give Utah event will take place. Basically, this is one giant fundraising event for hundreds of non-profit organizations across the state. You have the ability to donate money to several good causes in a single day and help them continue to impact our community. Visit their website for more details and to see a list of the organizations involved.


For you cosplayers looking for something to do on a weekend, St. George has you covered as the Fannatiku Fest will be taking place March 27-28 at the Dixie Convention Center. It's a multi-genre event on the cheap featuring panels, a dealer's hall, artist alley, video gaming, anime material galore, cosplay events and much more. Visit their website to snag tickets while you still can and go support a con down south.


Meanwhile over at the State Room on Friday, we'll see the 15th volume of the PechaKucha series. This particular event will be featuring women architects from around Salt Lake City to speak on 20 slides for 20 seconds each, giving you a unique experience and look into their collective careers. Tickets for these events go quickly so be sure to snag one soon.


On Saturday, get ready to buy a cheap pair of white clothes and a high-powered vacuum for your car—the annual Holi Festival will be taking place at the Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. For some, it is a day of celebration for a number of things like love and spring. For the rest of us uneducated people, it's a chance to throw sacks of colored dust at each other for fun. It's absolutely free so go, have fun, and remember to be respectful!


When you're done washing the paint off, Poor Yorick Studios in SLC will be holding their bi-annual open house. This is a chance for you to walk around and check out the dozens upon dozens of artists housed in the massive artist collective to see what everyone has been making in private, as well as possibly purchase something that might catch your fancy. In any case, it is well worth the cheap $5 gate fee, as it runs from 4-10 p.m. Saturday night.


On Sunday, March 29, Geek Show Podcast will take over Brewvies Cinema Pub again for their monthly movie night. This month has some fun choices as they'll be playing Flash Gordon and Ted, completely free for you to watch and heckle starting at 5 p.m. The films may be free, but the food and drink are not, and be sure to tip the waitstaff!


On Tuesday, March 31, Salt City Slam will take over the Off-Broadway Theater for their official Finals round. This particular event will feature a performance from special guest Tim Toaster Henderson, followed by a massive competition to see who will represent SLC in the 2015 National Poetry Slam. The event will cost $7 ($5 for students) and will kick off at 7 p.m.


And then finally, skipping ahead to Friday, we'll see the Provo Art Stroll. We don't talk about this much because it happens like our Gallery Stroll event, except in the idea that it takes place on the first Friday of the month. If you're in downtown Provo that night, snag this Facebook event and check out all that they have to offer, totally free.


As for the blog, it's going to be a very artsy couple of weeks, who knows what we'll really have in store. As always, we'll see what happens.


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